County Square, Ashford

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The County Square Shopping Centre

Re-designed and improved twice in ten years

I have to say that since opening, the new County Square Shopping Centre is looking pretty good.

Access is either by the numorous Car Parks scattered around the Town, or in it's own National Car Parks Multi-Storey, reasonably priced as far as they go.

Basically, it's the old Centre with a bit added on, mainly taken up by the new Debenhams and a mixture of the usual Fashion Shops. Other Depatment Stores within the complex are Marks and Spencer, BHS and Peacocks.
A large HMV Store along with 'Game' offers the musically and game minded people ample choice.

A very well observed feature is the extra security. All areas are covered by CCTV and you don't have to walk very far before you bump into a Security Guard.

All this is a far cry from when I first moved to Ashford some 20 years ago. Then it was open air, very '60's' and on a February morning you felt you were in the Arctic Circle! About 15 years ago a roof was added, but it never really lost that 60's 'build it quick' atmosphere. Now is different and you actually feel comfortable and at home with all the Retailers.

Eating and a quick Coffee are no problem; BHS has a small Restaurant offering the usual set piece meals at reasonable prices and there's two Coffee Shops to choose from.

If visiting Ashford, you are sure to want to visit the Designer Outlet so I would suggest you do whatever shopping you need at the Outlet, then make your way to the Town Centre, the Outlet, for some reason is open air and it can really blow around on a cold day. It will take you twenty minutes to walk between the twoor you can catch a bus service which runs between the Outlet and the Town Centre on an hourly basis.

County Square is literally town centre, so it's easy to wander around from there.

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The problem with many Shopping Centres is that you could have a blindfold taken off in the middfle of one and have no idea what town you were in.
In many ways, County Square is like that, but at least an effort has been made to improve the town and give residents an even wider choice of shopping.

The Shopping Centre has a large underground Car Park, being accessed from the south side of the Ring Road

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Ashford is within half an hour of Dover where you can get some good deals on Day Trips and enjoy shopping saving in Calais