Eastwell in Kent

A guide to the Villages around Ashford in Kent

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Eastwell Manor, Lake & Boughton Aluph

An area with grand dimensions

Eastwell Manor
The magnificent Eastwell Manor

Eastwell is just a Hamlet and to be honest, other than the Manor, I don't think there's more than about four houses who use it as a residential address (someone may put me right!).

Eastwell Manor, once the grand home of Richard Plantagenet, stands in a large amount of acres just two miles to the north of Ashford off the A251 on the way to Faversham.

The Manor is now a somewhat classy Hotel open for Vacations, Weddings and various other functions, you really couldn't ask for better surroundings. They now have a Golf Course running alongside it.

Just to the south west of the Manor is Eastwell Lake. About one mile long it is well maintained and a haven for wildlife.

There is limited access to the Lake by car or bicycle. Coming from Ashford on the A251 you need to turn left at the Estate Gates (second photo down), then first right a few meters along. This takes you along a pretty windy Lane. After about half a mile you will see an even smaller Lane on the right, drive down there some 500 meters and you come to the Lake and Eastwell Church, an ideal place for a Picnic, all be it rather spooky in the Graveyard!!

Eastwell Lake, near Ashford, Kent

The Church, St.Mary's, has been unused since the roof collapsed in the early 1950's. It is a Grade 2 listed building and looked after by the 'Friends of Friendless Churches'.
I have to say that it's easy to imagine yourself in a Pre-Raphaelite painting when you stroll around, the combination of Lake and Church form a beautiful partnership.


Eastwell comes under the Parish of Boughton Aluph, a small Village on the A251 with a typical English Village Green of Cricket, Pub and a mixture of Tudor and Regency Houses. Very pleasant, but would be nicer without the main road going through it.

There are many pleasant walks around this area. Just to the north of Boughton Aluph are Kings Woods, a huge area of Forest with some very good views on a clear day.



Eastwell Church - Kent

Eastwell Church, now derelict

Gateway to Eastwell Park, Kent

The Gates leading into the Manor Estate

Boughton Aluph Cricket Pavilion

A Cricketers Tea on Boughton Aluph Green

Ashford in Kent

View of North Downs near Chilham Kent

The Garden of England