Great Chart in Kent

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The Village of Great Chart

A mixture of old and new, but not interfering with each other

Great Chart Church in Kent

Great Chart is just a mile to the south west of Ashford and split into two, the division being the by-pass (A28 to Tenterden). To the east side lays the old Village and to the west side, the more recent Estates which join onto the Singleton Parish.

Walking through the main Street you will pass two Public Houses; the Swan and Hoodener's Horse, both of equal recommendation.
Of special interest are the old Alms Houses which were originally built in 1583 but re-designed in around the 1830's. The three Houses are all listed buildings and a fine reminder of our past. The plaque above the main door reads...This Almshouse for 2 aged Persons was founded and endowed by Francis Toke Esquire, Anno Domini 1583 and rebuilt Anno Domini 1833.

Just up the hill toward the Church you can see the War Memorial and Old School House, a fine sturdy building and very well looked after by the present owners.

Great Chart also entertains a very popular Cricket Club with quite a few Teams. With only the occasional train passing some 300 meters away, it is a very quiet setting and much enjoyed by passers by.

A good walk from Great Chart is to follow the footpath through the Cricket Ground. This will take you to Godinton House, a grand Jacobean Manor with exquisite Gardens. The house also entertains quite a few Events during the year including Archery and Open Air Theatre Performances (see their website).



Alms Houses, Great Chart, Kent

The old Alm's Houses

old Village Centre House, Great Chart

The old Village School House

Cricket at Great Chart in Kent

The very popular Great Chart Cricket Club

Ashford in Kent

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