Smarden in Kent

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The Village of Smarden

Tucked in beautiful countryside - a gem!

smarden village kent
The Village Centre

There are many Villages in Kent with titles ending in 'den'. There are some variations of the exact definition but the main one would appear to be a clearing in woodland suitable for pastureland. Bearing in mind that this area was once pretty dense woodland and forest, Smarden lives up to that and is surrounded by some beautiful field work, home to many a livestock breed.

Smarden was a very prosperous place in and around the 15th.Century and is the reason for there being a plethora of large Houses built of typically Kentish design.

The Village has a very long history going back to the 13th. century when the Churtch was built. King Edward is reputed to have drawn Weaver Craftsmen from Flanders and a succesful trade was built up.
In 1333 the King gave the Village a Royal Charter thus making it a Town and 'consent' to have a weekly Market.

Today Smarden hosts a thriving community and although very small, you will always see people strolling around the Village or stopping to get supplies from the Village Store / Post Office, chatting with the owner of the Antiques Shop or frequenting one of three very fine Public Houses; The Flying Horse, The Bell and The Chequers.

A stroll around the Church and it's Graveyard should not be missed. Surrounded by tall evergreen trees and the backs of some very fine houses it conquers up years gone by and how we once lived. It's one of those places when if you're a Kentish person, which I am, you want to describe your County.


smarden church
St.Michael's Church

A typical Kentish Cottage in Smarden

smarden churchyard
St.Michael's Churchyard

Up the hill where stucco houses inVirginia creeper drown And my childish wave of pity, seeing children carrying down Sheaves of drooping dandelions to the courts of Kentish Town.
- SirJohn Betjeman


Ashford in Kent

The Garden of England


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