Westwell in Kent

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The Village of Westwell

A Village with the Dad's Army feel

The Wheel Inn Westwell Kent
The Wheel Public House in the Village Centre

Westwell is a quant Kentish Village nestling just under the North Downs and Pilgrim's Way some 4 miles north east of Ashford. Free of any main roads going through it gives the Village a fairly isolated feel.

The centre of the Village contained some very mature trees which give cover to some Graded Listed Buildings.
Cycling or walking through the Village you will often hear the sound of a wandering Peacock, but on the three occasions I've been to take a picture of one, they've eluded me!

One of the buildings 'Ripple Court' is said to be where the Kentish Rebel Jack Cade was arrested but there is no firm evidence of this. Another apparent legend is that Elizabeth 1st. stayed in Westwell at The Haven.

There is a small Village Green beside which stand 'The Wheel' Public House and the old School Building now converted into a house.

A very good walk from the Centre is upwards to the Downs eventually, about 2 miles, coming to Kent Gliding Club where you can sit in rural scenery enjoying the single Plane taking off to shed it's occupied Glider and returning to do the same in great regularity through the day. There is a small Cafe at the Club.

There are many other walking and cycling routes around Westwell, some challenging and others quite easy. A good Cycle ride is to cycle along the Pilgrims Way to Charing where you will pass some more old typically Kentish Houses and sample the ever present views of Sheep and other Cattle grazing.

There are no Shops in Westwell, the nearest being some 4 miles away, but the Wheel has a fine selection of Food and Drinks, especially Sheperd Neame's Fine Kentish Ales.


The old Mill

The School House


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