Woodchurch in Kent

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The Village of Woodchurch

Another thriving Kentish Village

Woodchurch Windmill
The famous Woodchurch Windmill

Ask anyone in Ashford what's in Woodchurch and most will say the Windmill and the Mill is indeed an outstanding landmark standing on a mound overlooking the Village and southwards to Walland Marsh (adjoining the Romney Marshes.

The Mill is of typical Kentish Smock design and was once a sister to another Mill next to it and collectively known as 'The Twins'.
The Windmill is open to the Public through the Summer month's and well worth a visit, especially on a clear day when the views are extensive. For more info go to their Website.

The Village of Woodchurch goes back over a thousand years when a Forest stretched from Pevensey in East Sussex to Tunbridge Wells some 27 miles to the East.

The centre of the Village is dominated by a very large Green which entertains a Cricket, Football Club and a Children's Recreation area. In fact, the size of it is almost that of a Common.
The north side of the Green hosts some typical Kentish Houses with pretty front gardens whilst to the west the Church of All Saints, built from local ragstone and dating back to the 13th.Century stands well in it's very green backdrop.

woodchurch green

Woodchurch has two Public Houses' the Bonny Cravat and the Six Bells and bearing in mind the Village is quite big, it's strange they are right next door to each other. Handy for a Pub Crawl !!

There are two main attractions in and around the Village; The Woodchurch Village Life Museum which boasts many artifacts of the Kentish past and just to the west on the road to Ham Street, the Rare Breeds Centre which with it's large collection of mainly Farming Livestock is a very good day out for a family or those just interested in Animals.

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Although the Forest has long gone, the Village is blessed with much surrounding woodland ideal for both walking and cycling - and not too hilly!



Two photo's of the Village Centre

The Six Bells Woodchurch
The Six Bells Public House

Woodchurch Water Pump
Dated 1878, The old Water Pump next to the Green

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