Chickens in the Backyard
A good value book containing all you need to know for starting up

The Chicken Health Handbook
A highly rated book on all aspects of home chicken welfare

Practical Poultry Keeping
All aspects of chicken keeping with information on housing

The Big Book of Garden Hens
Lots of fine illustrations, chicken keeping through the year plus recipes

Your Chickens - a kid's guide
A highly praised book for the younger one's

The complete book of raising Livestock & poultry
Chickens and a few other creatures you may like !

Chickens at Home
Michael Roberts

Hens in the garden, eggs in the kitchen
Charlotte Popescu

Free Range Poultry Keeping
Katie Thear

Downshifting, The Ultimate Handbook
Andy Bull

Escape from the Rat Race
Nicholas Corder

The Career Change Handbook
Graham Green

Downshifting The bestselling guide to
Polly Ghazi / Judy Jones

Downshift to the Good Life
by Lynn Huggins-Cooper
Lynn has written an introduction in the Forum


Dowsing for Health
Patrick MacManaway
Easy to follow, covering all aspects of dowsing

Safe as Houses
A really fascinating book about dowsing and electro-stress

Dowsing for Beginners
A good starting point. Age has not spoilt this book


Square Foot Gardening
Using the 'sq.ft' theory, ideal for the small garden

Complete Book of Veg / Herbs
A concise book which I have an earlier edition

Bob Flowerdews Organic Bible
Bob Flowerdew using his own garden for content (150 photo's)

Fruit and Vegetable Gardening
An RHS book in popular 'D&K' format

Vegetable and Herb Expert
This book is low cost but jam packed with gardening info

Monty and Sarah Don's book which accompanied the Ch4 series.

Frugality &
Self Reliance

'Backyard Self-Sufficiency'
is a book catering for gardens of all sizes (5star review)

'New Complete Guide to Self Sufficiency'
by Father of all 'self reliants' John Seymour

Frugal Living for Dummies
A relatively new addition to the 'dummy' series. Exc. ratings

Delia Smith's Frugal Food
A surprisingly inexpensive book from 'our Delia'

Urban dreams and Rural Realities
A highly acclaimed book following a couple's downshift to the country

by Ben Law
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This book follows the story of one mans dream to build an eco woodland house as featured on the Channel 4 TV documentary.
Full of beautiful photographs and the struggle of getting materials and getting them to work.
Maybe you something you couldn't do, but would like to. A bit like people buying books on Mount Everest, but never going there. A very good read
Or start your search for anything......