Camping - Tips

Pitch your tent next to small tents. These are usually quieter couples.

Pitch your tent at the end of an area. This will mean there will only be neighbours on one side.

Research campsites on the Internet. Find the site and search the reviews.

Seaside campsites tend to attract those wishing an 'entertainment' type holiday, also youngsters along with their teenage habits !!

Where a site has shade, pitch your tent where it catches the afternoon sun. It can get pretty cold in the evenings, so a warm start is always good.

A pitch beside a Stream may be scenic, but it attracts flies more.

If you're alone or a couple and want to avoid children - avoid half terms and school holidays.

Pack your car with the things you first need at the back ie tent !

In bad weather adapt the car into your sitting room.

Put silver foil next to lighting which will reflect the light around the tent a lot better.

Never leave valuables in your tent unattended.

If the campsite is hilly, chose a higher spot thus avoiding any flooding during rainy weather.

If there are two of you, buy a 3 man tent. Tent specifications are not always generous. For instance a 2 man tent is often just the size of a double bed.

Camping too close to water attracts mozzies !

Buy a tent with an extra sleeping compartment and use that to store your clothes.

If you're using a camp bed with space underneath, put a blanket between the bed and your sleeping bag. It gets draughty sometimes !

Don't put foam between the bed and your sleeping bag. It will sweat and you'll wake up damp.

If you must have a mobile phone, radio or portable TV, some camp sites (the best ones !!!) are out of signal.

Always read carefully the campsite rules and emergancy notices etc.

Finally, don't treat camping as a cheap way out. Probably over 90% camp because they enjoy it. You are more at one with nature, which will make you more at one with yourself

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tent and van
Having a van means you can have a smaller tent and use of the van back for living space
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Choosing more remote campsites and at the right time of year means you have more a chance of complete isolation
How is it that one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?  ~Author Unknown

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