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"What Chickens mean to me"

by Forum Members..

Warm memories of my childhood with my grandparents chickens. That’s why we decided to keep chickens ourselves some years back - now we cant imagine our lives without these feathered characters.. 
Each one has her own distinct personality and her own little ‘quirks’, from shy and gentle little amber to ‘vlad the fearless’ or Harriet who can spy an open gate from 200 yards and will lead the charge to the kitchen & cat / dog food within seconds – (anyone who has tried and failed miserably to outpace a flock of determined chickens at full pelt will know what I’m talking about here!)
We’ve forgotten what its like to dig a garden without a bunch of chickens hovering over the ‘hole’ (and jumping into it) inspecting the spade or fork for any thing that moves – every gardening job takes 3 times as long and how we’ve managed to avoid decapitating one of these squawking pests is beyond me..
I spend half my time covered in straw and chicken poo, clean, feed and water them in every weather condition – let them live in our sitting room when they are unwell and cry if every attempt to nurture them back to health isn’t enough.. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.. they are part of our lives, have enriched our lives immensely & I have yet to see one of our friends or visitors fail to crack a smile when they meet our ladies..

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