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Chicken and Poultry Breeders in Devon...

Ashdale Farm

Chicken Breeds: Sultans, Silkies, Pekins, Polands & Araucanas

Other Poultry: Hybrid hens

Ashdale Farm
Combehead Droveway
Devon EX13 7HS

Phone Numbers: 07963 132709

email address:


We provide hybrid hens for those after a regular supply of eggs. We also have pure bred Sultans, Silkies, Pekins, Polands and Araucanas. We also build to order strong and durable chicken houses.'


Weeke Farm Chickens

Chicken Breeds: Blue Haze, Black Tail, Amber, Coral, Black Sussex, Light Sussex, White Ranger, Goldline, Maran Cuivree, Speckeldy, Barred Rock, Rhode Rock,Skyline

Other Poultry: Ducks, geese and quail

Weeke Farm
Devon EX17 5AF

Phone Numbers: 01363 82795 or 07765 890998

email address:


'At Weeke Farm, we have a large selection of fully vaccinated hybrid chickens for sale. We also have a shop supplying feed, drinkers, feeders, bedding, coops and care products - everything your feathered friends will need. We can supply 1 hen to 100s of hens. We would love to get you started if you are new to keeping chickens'


Wheatley Park

Chicken Breeds: Vorwerk Chickens

Other Poultry: Aylesbury Ducks, Chocolate Muscovy, Sebastopol Geese & Guinea Fowl

Wheatley Park

Phone Numbers: 01566 783232

email address:


'Please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss your requirements and advise on availability. We always seem to have orders in hand and are not a large concern so do not have ample ducks, geese, chickens and hatching eggs available. So please contact us well in advance and we will accommodate you as best we can. We normally take orders from the previous year for the following year. Nationwide delivery.'


Higher Horsebrook Poultry

Chicken Breeds: Sussex, Rhode Island Reds, Australorp, Pekins, Wyandottes

Other Poultry: Most types of domestic waterfowl

59 brakefield
South Brent
TQ10 9PA

Phone Numbers: 01364 73823

email address:


'We pride ourselfs in selling top quality poultry. We keep large fowl, bantams and true bantams as well as ducks an geese. Ranging from silver crested calls to exhibition rouens. Many of our birds are show quality'.



Moon Ridge Farm

Chicken Breeds: Hybrid Layers , Bantams and a selection of pure breeds

Other Poultry: Domestic ducks and Geese . Quail, Waterfowl, Guinea Fowl , Peafowl , Pheasants

Moon Ridge Farm
Newton St Cyres

Phone Numbers: 01392 851190 / 07891 329538

email address:


'We specialise in point of lay chickens, quail and a wide variety of poultry.We have a fantastic selection of poultry , years of experience coupled with our love of all things feathered .... New poultry keepers welcome. We also sell a range of livestock ideal for small holdings.We have a poultry shop here with everything you need for your poultry and more .We are open Monday to Saturday 10.30am - 5.00pm'


Wylye Valley Chickens

Chicken Breeds: We stock over 30 Pure Breed such as Sussex, Maran , Plymouth Rock, Orpington, Fayoumi, Pekins, Rhode Island Red, Welsummer, Wyandotte and Barnvelder.

Little Highertown
PL19 9EH

Phone Numbers: 07786 025446

email address:


'Organically and pasture reared chickens. Woodland farm on dartmoor. Sustainable woodland,livestock'





Farmer Dixon

Chicken Breeds: 20 rare breeds, both large fowl & bantam

Other Poultry: Cayuga & Blue Swedish duck, West of England geese

South Yeo Farm East
EX20 3PS

Phone Numbers: 01837 810274

email address:


"We specialise in the rarer breeds and usually have hatching eggs to Point of Lay available from January through the autumn. All birds hatched on the farm. Please email or call to make an appointment. Current breed list on website. Help & advice freely given"



Chicken Breeds: artridge Welsummer: Exchequer Leghorn: Pekin: Goldtop: Bellecroos Belles: Light Sussex:

43 Belle Cross Road

Phone Numbers: 01548 856 311

email address:


"Small poultry breeder of a few select breeds. Keeping a closed flock of good quality, healthy birds who are free to range large grass pens
Breeds which lay different colour eggs adding a variety of colour to your egg box.
Selling hatching eggs and chicks to point of lay hens (POL)
Always happy to answer any queries regarding set ups, suitable birds for you, caring for your birds etc."


Tan's Poultry

Chicken Breeds: Orpington LF Many Colours, Marans LF English & French, Pekin Bantams

Other Poultry: Call Ducks


Phone Numbers: 07772 372 220

email address:

'I have a huge passion for Poultry and as well as keeping Exhibition Stock I also have Pet Quality birds available.
I keep Orpingtons in the following colours: Buff, Black,Blue, Gold Laced, Silver Laced, Jubillee. All Large Fowl.
I keep Marans LF, English Cuckoo, French Copper Black & French Copper Blue all of which are dark egg strain.
I keep Cuckoo Pekin Bantams & White Call Ducks.
Hatching Eggs
Point of Lay'


Tigley Tump Rainbow Chickens

Chicken Breeds: Orpington large and bantam.Black bresse. Copper Blue Maran. Mille Fleur Pekins.

Ash Ridge Lane
Nr Totnes

Phone Numbers: 07976 504 918

email address:

"Family friendly birds laying a mix of coloured eggs.
Free ranging with alpacas and kept best we can!."


Taylor Made Poultry

Chicken Breeds: 14 Varieties of Hybrid Layers, 6 Varieties of Pure/ Rare Large Fowl as well as 30 Varieties of Bantams including Wyandottes, Pekins, Leghorns and more

Countrymans Choice
Cadleigh Park
PL21 9JL

Phone Numbers: 01752 426422

email address:


"We breed / rear day old chicks - point of lay chickens to domestic and small commercial customers. We do Hybrids, Pure/ Rare breeds and Bantams. See our website for full range.
We Fully Vaccinate and Worm all our POL hens as standard.
On top of quality hens we also have specialist poultry shop stocking hatching eggs, food , bedding , accessories , health products and housing!


The Hen House Farm

Chicken Breeds: Plymouth Rock, Barnevelders, Indian game, Welsummers, Silverlaced Wyandottes, Blue Mottled Uccles

Other Poultry: Ebden Geese, Aylesbury ducks

Station Road, Bere Ferrers,
Yelverton, Devon,
PL20 7JS

Phone Numbers: 01822 840569

email address:


"A rare and contempary poultry breeder established on the Bere Peninsular betwixed the Rivers Tamar and Tavy. From our rural location we offer fertilised eggs by post, day old chicks and ducklings all the way through to POL. All with high welfare and ethical provenance as a priority. Local meat birds for special occasions including chicken, duck and goose raised and nurtured on our pasture. Specialising in being "the" home of the Indian Game bird, a local breed from this area for the garden and table. We strive for a hassle free service for both old and new customers'





Over 60 pages with information on keeping a Flock - Go to the Down the Lane 'Chicken Keeping, Hens in the Garden' pages

Please note: I'm sure you appreciate it is impossible to vet Breeders before listing, we rely on the Information given to us as being honest and with good intent.
Please ensure you are happy with your Chicken's wellbeing and health before purchasing.
Down the Lane cannot intervene with any disputes someone may have at the time of purchase or after.


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