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Chicken and Poultry Breeders in Yorkshire...

Bank View Farm

Chicken Breeds: Lavender Araucana , Cream Legbars, Rhode Island Red, Vorwerk and Buff Orpington.

Other Poultry: A wide selection of hybrid hens are available all year

Bank View Farm,
Lane Head Road,

Phone Numbers: 07889 791164

email address:


'Ethically run smallholding nestled between Sheffield and Derbyshire breeding chickens. Pure breed chickens available from hatching eggs and day old chicks to point of lay. A wide selection of hybrid hens available all year round. We offer an incubator hire service, frequent chicken keeping, handling and breeding courses and have a poultry supplies shop stocking everything from feed, equipment and coops.'


Chicken Breeds: Double Laced Barnevelders
Other Poultry: Light Sussex, barred rock, hybrids, Rhode Island Red, spangled hamburghs.

Queen st
BD20 6NX.

email address:


'We supply hatching eggs, chicks and pullets and raise birds to order.'



Asselby Chucks

Chicken Breeds: Orpingtons,Brahmas,Araucanas, Shetlands,Legbars,Wyandottes

Other Poultry: Hybrids in a range of colours, Guinea fowl Runner ducks

Railway Cottage
main Street
Nr Howden
DN14 7HE

Phone Number: 01757 638191

email address:


'A small family business breeding poultry,Also we do hen holidays and sell poultry feed, housing etc.
Advice and how to look after your birds comes free.
Defra reg and a member of compasion in world farming'


Birchfield Poultry

Chicken Breeds: Five breeds of Hybrids

Other Poultry: Black Rocks ,Rhodes, Silky and Goldtops

31 School Road
High Green
South Yorkshire S35 3JG

Phone Number: 07940 321038

email address:


'We have been in the poultry business since 1974 supplying a good selection of hybrids
and pure breeds, all our birds are free range and come wormed and vaccinated. We
also provide a boarding service, see web site for more information'



Brackenholme Hall

Chicken Breeds: All Hybrids, Marans, Legbars, RIR

Other Poultry:Pekins, Wyandotte bantams


Phone Number: 01757 638925

email address:


'We supply POL hens, all vaccinated, wormed and living free range. Fed GARVO feeds and treated with care.
200+ Hybrids and Pure Bred birds available almost all year.
2012 Visitors strictly by appointment only please.'


Smiths Nurseries Thorngumbald Ltd

Chicken Breeds: Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Polish, Pekin, Silky, Maran, Sablepoot, Orpington, Black Rock, Hi-sex, Bluebell, Fenton Blue, Splash Maran

Other Poultry: Swans, Geese, Ducks and Turkeys

Smiths Nurseries
Main Road
HU12 8BA

Phone Number: 01482 899777

email address:


'Pet shop.'


Townfield Head Poultry

Chicken Breeds: Copper blue and black maran, wheaten maran, cream crested legbar, speckled rock, white leghorn, warren, bluebell, coral

Other Poultry: Point of lay, growers, hatching eggs

South Yorkshire

Phone Number: 01142308851

email address:

'We are a small family run farm on the outskirts of Sheffield. We hand rear all our chickens and produce strong, healthy birds. Visitors welcome, please contact us to arrange a suitable time.'


Guinea Fowl

Chicken Breeds: Guinea Fowl

Woodbine House,
North Yorkshire

email address:


'Hatching eggs, day old keets and off heat birds, available through the summer.'


Traceys lil farm

Chicken Breeds: Various

S5 0AL

Phone Numbers: 07411 967466

email address:


'Home run small scale hobby business with various chicks and chickens available thought the year.
See website for currently availability.'


In Normanton

Chicken Breeds: Pure White Leghorns, Rhode Island Red

18 Newlaithes Crescent

Phone Numbers: 01924 895067

email address:


Givendale Polish Chickens

Chicken Breeds: Polish- multiple colours (including rare colours), frizzle & smooth
Added June 2014 - Young Polish Chickens available both smooth and frizzle in the following colours: white crested black, self black, white crested blue, self blue, self white, white splash, creole, chamois, silver-laced and gold-laced.


email address:


'Show quality, Pure bred, Polish Chickens and Fertile Hatching eggs.

We are passionate about keeping healthy, enriched and ultimately happy chickens! Our chickens are all well looked after and loved, and all have lovely temperaments making them great pets. They live very happy, healthy lifestyles either free range or in a very large run, they are always kept up to date with worming and ectoparasite control and they receive lots of human contact and treats!

We currently have hatching eggs available as a mixture of the following colours in frizzle and smooth, these eggs have proven exceptional fertility rates and are consistently producing fantastic polish chicks- Colours: Self blue, gold-laced, silver-laced, White crested black, White splash, Chamois

We will have pullers available soon, please get in touch if you would like some reserving.

Please feel free to get in touch if we can help in anyway'


Yorkshire Rare Breeds

Chicken Breeds: Exchequer Leghorn, Orpington Bantam, Dual Silver Laced Barnevelder, Dual Gold Laced Barnvelder and 11 different varieties of hybrid.

Other Poultry: POL Hybrid Pullets, Light Sussex, Copper Black, Blue Haze, Black Rock, Speckledy, Plymouth Rock, Silver Sussex, White Star, Gold Star, Lemon Cuckoo Maran, Lohman Brown,

North Yorkshire

Phone Number: 07738 733 193 or 01947 897 018

email address:

'Small breeder of rare breeds, always have pullets in stock so don't hesitate to call.
Hatching eggs to POL.
Cockerels available seasonally upon request.
Also sell wheat at £5.50 per 20kg.'



Marie's Backyard Chick's

Chicken Breeds: Chocolate Pekin, Millefleur Pekin, Lemon Millefleur Sabelpoot 


email address:

''Home run small scale hobby business with various chicks and chickens available thought the year and hatching eggs.'


Fosters Poultry

Chicken Breeds: POL Hybrids and bantams

North Yorkshire

Phone Number: 07834 491 246

email address:


'We are a family run business, specialising in quality POL hybrid hens. Breeds that we usually have available include: Blubells, Black Rock, Speckled, Warrens, Silver Sussex, Light Sussex and White Star.
We occasionally have some Pekins and Polish Polands available.'


Cross The Road Poultry

Chicken Breeds: GENUINE Black Rocks and Bluebelles. Warrens and other hybrids. Sometimes LF Choc Orpingtons, Australorps, Welsummers

Other Poultry: Hatching eggs sometimes available

Pateley Bridge,
North Yorkshire

Phone Number: 07710 437 431

email address:


'Genuine Black Rocks. Only supplier for Genuine Bluebelles in Yorkshire. Also selection of other hybrids and rare breeds. Please see website for information.'


Whetstone Farm

Chicken Breeds: Barnevelders, Plymouth rock, Welsummer, Wheaton Maran, Cream legbar, Silver Spangled Appenzeller

Other Poultry: Khaki Campbell

Whetstone farm
Bayton Lane
LS18 5EZ

Phone Number: 07717 666 921

email address:


'Small family run business specialising in
free range pure bred LF poultry.
Suppliers of birds at POL, we do not supply chicks and eggs are collection only.'






Over 60 pages with information on keeping a Flock - Go to the Down the Lane 'Chicken Keeping, Hens in the Garden' pages

Please note: I'm sure you appreciate it is impossible to vet Breeders before listing, we rely on the Information given to us as being honest and with good intent.
Please ensure you are happy with your Chicken's wellbeing and health before purchasing.
Down the Lane cannot intervene with any disputes someone may have at the time of purchase or after.


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