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Chicken Breeds - Lohmann Brown

A strong, good laying Hen for your back garden

Lohmann Brown Chicken

The Lohmann BrownChicken is a hybrid.

If you want eggs, the Lohmann Brown is just the ticket, they can lay 300 plus good sized eggs a year.

They are also known to be one of the more friendly, inquisitive and approachable Chickens.

As their name suggests they are believed to have originated in Germany. Fair enough they are not one of the more attractive breeds, they're what most non Chicken Keepers would visualize a chicken as, but this is over ridden by their nature and egg laying capacities.
If they were a car I'd guess they're a safe Ford or Volkswagen of the Hen world !

They are known to start laying a bit earlier than some, so a Point-of-Lay should start at around 18 weeks. They are also known for long lifers, up to 10 years, but needless to say, don't expect eggs for that amount of time!


Lohmann Brown next to Cockerel
Keeping close to the Boss !!!


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