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Chicken Breeds - Marans

Nine varieties, all shapes and colours!

Cuckoo Maran - Photo from Forum Members Alex and Annie, Dumbarton, Scotland

The Maran originates from marshland France. They are known for their dark eggs, not the very best of layers, but up there with the rest.
Because they originate from Marshland, they are quite at home with rainy wet weather, so very suited if you have an outdoor Chicken Run

The most popular variety is probably the Cuckoo Maran, a basically black feathered chicken with white speckles. The Cockerel is opposite (se picture right).

They are also known to be quite approachable and mix in with other Chickens well.

Maran owners say..

Blue Maran - Our chicken gives us an egg a day (light brown and large). In the shorter days of Winter this reduces to about four a week.
Mixes well with other breeds and seldom broody.
As a new Chicken Keeper a year ago, I have found this breed very easy to keep as she is easy to handle. I would definitely have this breed again Alberta Simons

French Maran - Some egg laying ups and downs, medium size eggs. They took a while to lay and stopped when winter kicked in and they moulted. Egg colour - dark chocolate brown. Temperament OK but not one's for a cuddle.
Mix very well with other breeds. One of my three died after a couple of month's, the other two are now two years old and not laying at present. Orfy

French Maran

As you can see from the two comments above, we have different views, but it should be noted that I've had two or more of the same breed at any one time and like us human's, every bird has it's own character as well!


French Maran

Cuckoo Maran Cockerel

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