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Chicken Breeds - Rhode Island Red

Probably the only Chicken with a household name!

Rhode Island Red Chicken

The Rhode Island Red is the classic Chicken, known for reasonable egg laying and foraging around wherever they can.

As their name suggests, they originate from Rhode Island USA, they're usually quite large compared to some Chickens and have an array of browns, reds and the odd spot of white in their plumage.

Although they are pretty docile, they don't always like being approached, so a human > chicken bond needs to take place. Saying that, they will bond to you maybe, but not necessarily strangers and children.

Although they don't come from a hot climate, they are not known to like the cold like some Chicken's. It is said they can get frostbite if the Coop goes below freezing, but people I know who keep them have never mentioned this.

If you would like to tell us about your Rhode Island Red's and have it included in this page with link, please send any information and photo's to me (Use 'Contact Us' at bottom of page)





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