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Chickens, like us, have their down days and it's often difficult to determine whether they are poorly or not. Quite often they will go quiet and this could be for a number of reasons; starting to brood, moulting, or possibly being bullied by other Chickens, it's just a case of keeping an eye on them In the case of ex-battery hens, the first few weeks are the crucial one's.

All too often, after just a few weeks, they will go down hill very quickly and all too often, not make it. This usually isn't anything to do with how you are treating or feeding them, it's simply the change from the Battery Farm to 'freedom' is just too much to take. But take heart that should it happen, they have at least had some time to experience fresh air, daylight and stretch their legs how nature intended them to. If your Chicken has symptoms and you aren't sure, please ask in the Forum.

Should you take a Chicken to a Vet, phone them before you go, some aren't avian trained, although because of the popularity in keeping Chickens, this is now changing. On that note, if in doubt, see a qualified Vetinery Surgeon.

They're little blighters !! Luckily, the Greenhouse harvest had finished

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