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Baotian BT49QT-9 50cc Moped

How the Moped has performed for me over 2,000 miles

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So, 2,000 miles and nine months ownership, how have I found my Moped?

In a nutshell, GREAT! Thus far I've had no problems whatsoever, sh'e started up first time everytime, even after spells of 7 days and parked in an open barn in the middle of winter!

The one big thing I've noticed is that the more mileage you do, the better the overall performance gets.

I've done a few tweaks and get up to 40mph on the flat and increased the uphill speeds a bit as well.

The bike is achieving these results for various reasons, here's the list

1. I firmly stuck to the running in guidelines (approx 600 miles). It may be frustrating going at lower speeds, but if you want the bike to last - do it!
2. I only semi de-ristricted. If you go the full hog and force it to go at 50mph, things are going to drop off or burn up. I only cut the cable telling the engine 'max throttle at 30mph) and put the carb float down. I didn't remove a certain screw from the carb. I tried it, got 50mph out of it, but she stalled when at traffic lights. 40mph is quick enough for me!
3. I changed the sparking plug to a Iridium NGK CR7HIX. The Installed Chinese one is OK, but pretty standard stuff.
4. I've changed the engine oil twice using semi-synthetic and the Gear Oil once. By doing this, the difference is noticeable straight away.
5. I changed the Air Filter about 300 miles ago - much better with minimal 'spluttering' when taking the throttle off.
6. I keep it clean and dust off at least once a week. It's only a 5 minute job.

You have to remember that, if you're not just riding around town, but going on more open roads, you are at full throttle most of the time - so every form of general upkeep is beneficial.

Agaim, the one and only negative isn't the fault of the bike. It's on open roads when cars are building up behind you and take risks to overtake you - The risk is not their's - BUT YOURS. For using a bike on open roads more than town, I'd suggest a 125cc the better option.

All in all, it's ten out of ten. I have no doubt that something will slip up sometime, but a new gear box is £53! So the future is bright!

Moped Licence Requirements

Mopeds are up to 50cc with a maximum speed of 50 km/h. To ride a moped, learners MUST:

Be 16 or over | Have a provisional moped licence | Complete CBT training.

You MUST first pass the theory test for motorcycles and then the moped practical test to obtain your full moped licence.

If you passed your driving test before 1 February 2001 you are qualified to ride a moped without L plates (and/or D plates in Wales), although it is recommended that you complete CBT before riding on the road. If you passed your driving test after this date you MUST complete CBT before riding a moped on the road.

Laws MV(DL)R reg 43

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Safety Tips

Always wear your helmet. It’s the law.
The more clothing you wear the greater your protection in an accident.
Watch out for sand in the road. It can make it hard to stop or control your moped
Riders that are tired and/or dehydrated are more likely to have an accident
Use your rear-view mirror

The Clean Machine!

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