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Damson, Bullace and Sloe

Foraging through the hedgerows for Jams and more

Identification and Uses

The Damson

The Damson is very similar to the Victoria Plum but smaller and usually has a slight pinky look to it.

Uses for the Damson are the same as the Plum; Jams, Crumbles, Cakes and more. The flavour and taste are also much the same, being smaller they're just a little more fiddly to work with.


The Bullace

The colour of the Bullace is very similar to the Damson but often slightly smaller and certainly rounder. Use the Bullace the same as the Damson but can be used to enchance such alchohol as Gin and Vodka.

The Sloe

The Sloe is basically a Blackthorn Bush. The fruits are smaller than both the Damson and Bullace but usually more spread out. The easiest way to tell the difference is in the branches and twigs, these have very sharp quite long prickles. Oneside swipe of a branch and it can cut you quite badly. The Sloe fruits are more spread out than the rest.

Sloe is most famous for an additive to Gin, but you can use the same method with Vodka and Whiskey even. As a fruit, Jelly can be made and with Apple can make for a good Jam.

All the above are usually ready to pick around late September to early October. None ripen at the same time so several journeys are often needed to get the best.


plum fruit
Firstly, the Plum

Bullace Fruit picked and washed

sloe fruit
Sloe Fruit

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