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Downshifting - How do we gauge success?

How can a drop in money be successful

Someone recently said to me "How can you be successful when you are earning less than you were fifteen years ago, surely that's failure". I have to say that I utterly and completely disagree with that statement, it is judged solely on income and status if you like and there is certainly no foundation for it.

But, it's a fair enough question I guess and one which needs answering (not defending!!).

I gauge my success, yes a bold statement, not on what I earn but on the life and lifestyle I lead. Fifteen years ago I had a mortgage, I ate quite well, paid the bills and all was pretty much OK., BUT it wasn't enough, something was missing and I think it was achievement not in work, but in life. If my life had ended then I would have looked back and thought 'so what have I done'?

Sure I brought three wonderful and adorable children on to this Planet and I'm mighty proud of that, I love them to bits and they love me to bits back. That's great, but when you are not in the right frame of mind to give them what they deserve and see enough of them, that's not right. I'm not talking giving them presents, Playstations and CD's, I'm talking about time, time they will remember when I'm gone.

I live in the same house I did when I downshifted, I eat better food, see more of the family and even now have a brand new car. I've had to work for that of course, but I've worked within my comfort zone and saved money in other quarters. I been to the bottom of the ladder getting to this position I have to admit. When life get's you into hiding your valuables under the floorboards in case the Bailiff arrives, you know you're in trouble!

So I gauge my success on the life I now lead. I grow most of my own Vegetables, I gather Wood from the fallen trees around me, I look around for the best cost effective deals. If times are a little hard, I work more. Sure I've had my luck with that, but you are what you make yourself I feel, it's about networking and never saying no to work no matter what that work is. If it's essential you need money, you do anything for it.

By doing the above I have afforded a new car, I go to see my family and for the first time in a long time can afford to treat them and of just an equal importance, treat myself as well.

It's a combination of many things, but throughout a downshifting experience, you will find you adapt as you go and you're better off for it.

So, regardless of how much money you have coming in, if you're content, living comfortably, rising to any challenge, enjoying quality time with friends and family plus paying the bills on the way.....

You are a success!


It's not a Mercedes, but it's brand new and it's mine !!

Family, Food on the Table and a roof over your head, what more is there!

Knowledge..never done something before, you can!

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