So, firstly, what is Geopathic Stress ? 'Geopathic Stress is the name given to natural or man made energies emanating from the earth which are detrimental to human health'
In simpler terms this is vibrations rising up through the earth causing electromagnetic fields which can come from subterranean running water, mineral concentrations, fault lines, caverns etc.

This is slightly similar to electro-stress where for instance, sleep can be affected by having your bed directly above a fridge / freezer / micro-wave or TV set etc.

There are many indicators and pointers toward a house, or room, being affected by Geopathic Stress; here are a few symptons.....

You've just moved into a new house and can't sleep.
You've moved bedroom furniture around and can't sleep.
After the above, you keep on getting ill catching almost every virus you bump into..
You feel listless and very run down.
Depression for no real reason.
Loss of appetite.
Sleep waking and cramps etc.

Geopathic stress cannot cause illness, but will make the bodies immunity system low and open to illness.
A fine example is often found in babies, where they will huddle up in one corner of the cot and not be happy in the rest of it. Move the cot and the baby will move with it to find the best and most 'at ease' position.

The main thing is that the small area of a cushion, or the bed itself, is something we spend up to one third of our life on. If we aren't getting that one third right and suffering, it's not good news !

So, are we suffering from geopathic stress ? Ask yourself these questions....

1. Have my health and sleep problems started since moving home or room ?
2. Do I feel much better when sleeping somewhere else, or if I'm at work ?
3. Did the people living here before have the same tendancies or illness's ?
4. Does my home feel damp or cold when it shouldn't ?

Obviously you can't dig a couple of hundred feet down under your house to cure any problems, so you have to find out where the problems are and work around them. This is where dowsing can come in most useful.
First of all, you could simply try moving your home around a bit. If you have a sleep problem, try moving your bed into another position. A good little tip here is that cats will sleep somewhere 'safe'. If you're sleeping badly whilst the cats asleep all day at the bottom of the bed - they have the better deal !

You can hunt out these bad areas with dowsing rods or a pendulum. Get your head into thinking bad lines, bad areas and mark them out on a plan. Then dowse for the exceptionally good areas and try it.

Some would say that it's all in the mind and these things are pure fairy tale, but Doctors in some European countries will look into Geopathic Stress when an illness is re-occuring. Also, Builders will often dowse the land to place their new homes in the best possible positions.

This can be extended to the garden. Do you often see that you have a fine long hedge, but there's one small patch where it doesn't grow or is less tall than everywhere else ? Often, you will not that this extends to perhaps the lawn next to it and you see a 'line' forming.
This will give you a good guideline as to where and where not to sow your seeds and plant your shrubs etc.

Feng Shui also links to matters of the home and can help in selection of a property. Here are some indicators; front doors should not line up with the back doors, ceilings shouldn't be too high / low ceilings should not be slanted, bedrooms / kitchens and dining areas should not be under or above a toilet, halls should not be long and dark etc.

Maybe not quite the same, but similarities do exist - these can be rectified however.

I could go into this a lot more, but to be honest, it could be information in overdrive. Best to keep it simple and I think this is the key to dowsing and 'things of the natural world'.
It certainly is a subject which can bring a whole new outlook on life and health. All too often in many things, the answer is quite simple and staring at us in the face.

Dowsing rods and pendulums are a good thing to have around the home !



Safe as Houses
by David Cowan and

I found this book most fascinating. It's split into two; Electro-Magnetic Stress and Geopathic Stress