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Some outlay now, pay back time later

There is a theory that to go Green, you have to have an enormous amount of money !
In some cases this can be so. You can spend thousands on Solar Panels, huge sums on Insulation etc.
But there are many ways to not only leave a smaller carbon footprint and save you money at the same time.

Electricity and Gas Bills forever sore out of proportion, so if there are any ways to cut down on Power, now's the time to do it.

In some cases you don't have to purchase special items to save money.
Simply turning down your Central Heating Thermostat by just one degree can save you 10% on your Bill.
Better still, turn it down two degrees and wear a thicker jumper !

Winter is never more than six months away !

But it's not only through the winter we must think about saving energy.
There's still washing and cooking to be done, still Internet work and much much more.

To save energy is to save Bills to spend on more and of course, our little bit of saving the Planet for our future families.

The changes in our Climate are partially a result of burning too much fossil fuel.

These release gases into the Atmosphere and cause 'the Greenhouse' effect.

In the United Kingdom, 70% of our electricity is used by Industry and the remaining 30% is from the Home.

As someone said, "Like charity, saving the Planet begins at Home'. Sometimes we tend to look at the bigger picture, before we've looked at the smaller one

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