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The Eglu Range of Chicken Houses

An alternative to the Wooden Coop

When Omlet first introduced the Eglu Range of Chicken Coops, the first two things you would hear from people were "too expensive" and / or "too Designer".

As time has gone on, the perception has changed somewhat. Fair enough they are more expensive than Wooden Coops and converted Garden Sheds, but they do have some good advantages..

They last Longer

Being made of moulded Plastic, they will not rot and you are saving having to re-condition and re-treat etc.

Easier to Clean

Designed with smooth flowing curves, this avoids all those nasty little hard to get to corners. You can shut the Chickens out for a short while, sweep out the floor mess, get a hose and job done.

Assists in fighting against infestation

Mites, especially Red Mite, like Wood along with once again, the hard to get to corners. They also like Roofing Felt, so Plastic is a very good way of prevention rather than cure.

So, your decision is really down to cost and.. Is it worth the extra money? Will it save me time? These can only be answered by your own individual requirements, financial situations and how keeping Chickens in your back garden fits in with your lifestyle. Some like the more frugal rural approach along with the cleaning and challenges having Hens around brings. It really is 'Vive le difference'!

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Omlet also manufacture a wide range of Chicken Accessories and Products.

These include Feed, Treats, Feeders, Drinkers, Poultry Bedding, Vitamins, Anti-Pecking Sprays, Mite Treatments, Worming products, Cleaning Products, Egg Trays / Boxes, Incubation products and even Egg Stamping Kits!

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