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JOGLE route - Clevedon to Taunton

Day 18 of my end to end cycle ride

View accross Bristol Channel to Wales from Clevedon
Looking accross the Bristol Channel to South Wales

I woke up to yet more showers, but trained my brain to think of heavy snow. That way anything less than heavy snow would be good weather or cycling, so I left Clevedon a happy man!

Once more, as soon as I started cycling, the sun came out, so it was yet again, taking off waterproofs to allow a bit of air around the body. No sooner had I done this and another dark cloud floated in from the right and put two fingers up at me.

The route today had meant that after a few gracious miles along a B Road, I would have to face up to the A38 down through Bridgewater and into Taunton.

The road was actually not too busy and time seemed to go by quite quickly. In some ways this was good, because although Somerset is a very beautiful County, the A38 and view from it isn't .

Taunton was the only place where I got a bit of verbal thrown at me. Twice it happened and twice by teenagers who obviously couldn't find their way beyond the street corner and felt a Hoodie should be worn at all times. I got more disappointment when I reached Somerset Cricket Ground. I had told the Somerset Team I would pop in and say Hello, for which they agreed with great friendliness. However, the Chief Steward at the Gate seemed to think I was pulling a fast one and no matter what info I gave him, he wouldn't radio through to let me in. He said I could wait at the gate for the Players to arrive. Being 50 minutes before the start of their game, I knew they were already in the ground, so I said a word quietly (but in the hope he heard it) and went my way.

For the last two days I'd noticed my back brakes were a little spongy. When I finally got to looking, they had completely worn through! I found a cycle shop and once again got a great welcome when they saw the bike and knew what I was doing - plus a discount (thank you BikesUK)

Rain Hood for under Cycle Helmet!
Always aware of fashion, a shower hat between bandana and helmet is a must

Taunton Town Hall
The Town Hall in Taunton

My rather eloquent looking bed in the B&B

This was the occasion where I booked a B&B the night before. I knew that after Taunton, it would be a long ride anywhere else. A large place with a fine Bed, certainly suitable for a Lord like myself.

I went down town to eat, but came accross a Lidl before getting there. Once more I stocked up with an assortment of food and went back to eat it.

A bit of a non event day really, I think the only one.

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