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JOGLE route - Lancaster to St.Helens

Day 13 of my end to end cycle ride

JOGLE coffee break at Eccleston
Probably by 25th Coffee Trip thus far, just south of Eccleston

The more I write about this journey, the more I find myself writing the words 'good fortune' and 'luck', it certainly does appear to be playing a major part in the final reality. This morning was no exception, the B&B turned out to be just a breath away from a Cycle Route which would take me alongside the Canal again, filter through to Lancaster University where I could pick up Cycle Route 6 all the way down to Preston

That all worked well until I got to the University where I suddenly found myself on the A6. I counteracted this by taking the first left hand turning and just continued in the knowledge I was sure to find the Cycle Route and go from there. It did !

After the turmoil and being wrecked the day before, I was finding new life in the head and legs, the Lanes were very pretty, no serious climbs and I was passed in both directions by loads of Cyclists, mainly out for pleasure or a quick return trip from Preston to Lancaster or vice versa. It didn't seem to have any LEJOG's and from hereon to Bristol I found the same. I guess there are so many variations of route for LEJOG / JOGLE, I was taking a less popular one!

After miles of quaint Hamlets Cows in fields and "Hello's" from fellow travellers, I came back onto the A6 just before Preston and after losing a few heartbeats through Car Drivers, got into the City Centre unscathed.

I had to ask a few people directions for Leyland, my map didn't have that finer detail. Following one or two hairy encounters on some busy roads, I got through to there, then followed the Lanes down through Eccleston,Roby Mill, Up Holland and through to St. Helens.

I was surprised at how many hills there were along this stretch though - but at least I by passed the busy Street of Wigan and took in some very characteristic scenic spots.

I'd decided on St. Helens as it seemed a sensible distance to cycle the following day and taking in a visit to two Forum Members in Cheshire. I was expecting there to be B&B's there, couldn't find one, so ended up staying in an expensive (for me) Hotel which had blooming Air Con!

I had a walk along the Canal there, saw an old Glass Factory and went back to the Hotel where, after hearing of my JOGLE efforts gave me a free meal, something I am very grateful for Park Inn.

That didn't take away the pain of Air Con though and I spent the night with a Fan going right beside the Bed. It didn't make any odds though, I was out cold after about five minutes!

JOGLE - 500 miles landmark
500 miles, so just over half way (T-Shirt - it's getting warmer!

A Lancashire Scene. The building on the right is the Tory Club!

Roby Mill
Canals seem to be becoming a major inclusion of my Cycle ride!

A Cottage which caught my eye next to the Canal


End to End
The Route and Diaries and finally..


Brooks Saddles

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