John O'Groats to Lands End

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JOGLE route - Marazion to Land's End

Day 23 of my end to end cycle ride

end of cycle ride from John O'Groats at Land's End
Never thought I would have this picture taken!

Well, here I was, just ten or so miles left! I woke up early, about 0615 and rather than lay there aimlessly for another hour, got up and went straight down to the Beach. It was magnificent and with the exception of one woman and her dog, the only one for a good half hour. The tide was out, it really was a dream.

A fellow Moderator 'Ock' of the Down the Lane Forum drove over to see me and we strolled over to St. Michael's Mount for a Coffee (surprisingly cheap at £1.60!!!)!

I arranged that he and other Forum Member 'Sunny' should be at the Finish Line at 1300. As it happened I left a bit too soon, the cycle path along past Marizion and the Promenade at Penzance is quite simple (Kent flat!) and it seemed just a matter of minutes before I came to the turning at Newlyn and I was on my way.

Just before you get to Lands End, there's a Pub called 'The First and Last', well I got there at 1215, so thought the only right thing to do was to pop in and give them some custom by purchasing a cup of Coffee, which I did and after chatting to a couple, timed it perfectly to take the final bit of road down to the ever waiting line.

To make sure they were there I gave some big waves from the top of the road, they were there. Now came the decision of speed I go accross the line; fast slow, zig zag like the Grand Prix drivers etc. I went half way between and punching the air crossed over (only to nearly have my first accident of the trip when a car suddenly appeared from nowhere!0.

I leapt of the bike saying to myself 'remember this, remember all of this', burst into tears and gave poor Ock, his partner and Sunny the 'I've done it' speak! Even now as I write, the eyes start going!

So I'd done it, I'd lived the dream, I'd found out more about myself, I had found reserves I didn't know I had, I found I changed my mind on how people are in these beautiful countries of ours, but most of all I found a memory which I will take with me forever.

Would I do it again? - No, because I've done it and it wouldn't be the same. I'd support someone else, but from meeting the people I did, I think a Bike Rack, a Car, a Tent and a few days to spare appeals to me, kind of Easy Rider with Pedals !

Amusing unused Shop near Land's End
Mr. Matthews was a very diverse man

View of Land's End on final cycle ride stretch
Looking down the final hill to Land's End

meeting friends at the end of my JOGLE
Friends Sunny and Ock

First and Last

Garmin Forerunner (205)
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End to End
The Route and Diaries and finally..