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JOGLE route - Shap to Lancaster

Day 12 of my end to end cycle ride

Cycling at Shap
More LEJOG cyclists climbing up towards Shap

I was feeling pretty perky when I cycled away from Shap. I knew there was to be a climb but was not expecting the climb it was; long, slow and again with it being high up, quite cold as well.

After what seemed an eternity, it was all downhill to Kendal, but even upon reaching there I was pretty tired, so took a rest in the Town Centre. I got talking to a local Cyclist who said it was a good idea to follow Cycle Route 6 to Lancaster, a nice flat route he said. Well to a Kentish man, flat means the Romney Marshes, but to a Cumbrian, it means like cycling over the north downs from Ashford to Canterbury via Crundale!

After just a couple of miles I was really finding things difficult. A Road Racing Cyclist came alongside me for about a mile and had a chat. Upon reaching what seemed a fairly simple hill I told him to carry on as I'd have to walk.

About 18 miles further on and although going along some extremely pretty Lanes, I saw him again. It turned out that he'd been a bit worried about me and had zig zagged the route and came up behind me on 4 occasions, hadn't made himself known, but was just checking. That indeed furthered my confirmation that the human race isn't all bad and there are a few 'Guardian Angels' about as well.

He showed me the final route through and suggested I joined the Canal before Morecombe and if I followed the Cycle / Footpath, this would lead me straight into Lancaster City, which it did and so did I !

I visited the Tourist Information Centre there and just asked "Where's the nearest B&B, I can't cycle another mile!". As luck would have it, there was one no more than 300 meters away, close to the City Centre, so handy to go for a Meal as well.

I have to admit that this was one of only two occasions where I had serious doubts about continuing, the fact it was right next to the Railway Station made the feeling even worse.

It had been a very difficult day, I felt very little energy left in me, but I knew that if the good fortune were to continue, I would be OK.

I went for a Meal and on returning, sat down and planned a route for the following day. There was no way I would be cycling down the A6, so decided upon the continuation of the National Route 6 with fingers crossed about it not being so hilly as this day had been.

As the next day was Day 13., I was worried!

Cycling downhill from Shap to Kendal
Leaving Shap. Trust me, it's harder than it looks!

JOGLE - scenic view just north of Kendal
A beautiful view just coming down to Kendal

The river at Kendal
The bridge over the river at Kendal

Path alongside Canal at Lancaster
The Cycle Path alongside the Canal going into Lancaster

The Canal Bridge at Lancaster

End to End
The Route and Diaries and finally..


Brooks Saddles

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