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JOGLE route - Taunton to Exeter

Day 19 of my end to end cycle ride

Thatched Bus Stop  in Devon
If only all Bus Companies would make their Bus Stops match their local heritage!

I got up a wee bit earlier today simply to put my new brake pads on and to ensure I'd get to Exeter early enough to find a B&B. I had planned on going to Okehampton via Crediton but my web search showed very little B&B activity and those were quite a way off route. Maybe a few miles longer, Exeter seemed the better bet

After a few miles on the A Road, I took a left onto the B3181 which would take me the whole way down. Once again, sorry Somerset, but that part was pretty non eventful and it was upon turning off it that things started to get more interesting.

The weather had changed for the better today, in fact I was to get no more rain for the rest of the trip. As it happened, the ride was an easy one, mainly downhill and I soon coasted accross the border and had a break in Colebrook. No reason really, just fancied a break, this being one of the reasons I decided to do the JOGLE alone; the other person may not have wanted a break and so on.

I also think this was one of the few days where I didn't really have a chat with anyone, quite solo. I reached the outskirts of Exeter and followed my nose toward the City Centre, made my way to the Tourist Office who pointed me toward the B&B area and I found one straight away, all be it at Touristy City prices

After settling in I had a good walk and look round the City. Being a nice evening, there were many people sitting around the grounds of the Cathedral and this all made up to a typical English City Summer evening theme really.

Exeter reminds me a bit of Canterbury, some beautiful architecture which was ruined by square block buildings built in the 1950's and 1960's., but nice all the same.

Apparently, many years ago and before the house became a Hotel, then B&B, had a reputation of being a house of ill repute. Luckily they told me that the following morning as I was about to leave!

JOGLE - 800 mile landmark
800 Miles

Yellow houses in Devon
Once more, the scenery and architecture changes

Old Building by Cathedral in Exeter

Exeter Cathedral
The splendid Cathedral

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