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JOGLE route - Prees to Ludlow

Day 15 of my end to end cycle ride

Scenic view Shropshire Hills UK
LA typical view going south through the Shropshire Hills

This was a day of three parts; the first nice easy, fairly flat Lanes, the second a horrible ride along a busy road and lastly a hilly but beautiful ride alongside beautiful scenery.

Just a couple of miles along the Lane from Prees to Wenn and I was on my way south once more. This was more Kentish Man flat and most enjoyable pedaling wise. Alas, my comfort was about to come to an end for a few hours, I entered Shrewsbury and made my way accross the town to where the A49 would take me down to Church Stratton where I'd navigated a route around the Lanes.

You will find I haven't included too many pictures of the well known towns. The reason for this is simply that all these places with lovely buildings have eyesores of white vans, cars and hoodies destroying a good picture. Regret to say the same applied here - sign of the times, I need to visit these places at 4am on a Sunday in the middle of winter I think!

After passing two accidents, hitting a bit of rain and being half scared to death along the A49, I seeked refuge in Church Stratton, it had stopped raining and I made my way over to the Tourist Office in the hope they may tell me some info on B&B's at Ludlow, I didn't fancy a repeat of the night before.

They were really helpful in there and gave me two numbers to try, the first one fitted the bill nicely, I rang and all was well.

With the knowledge I had a bed for the night gave me a bit more confidence and a lighter heart for the ride along the Lanes which although hilly, I knew would be a lot safer than the main road.

This afternoon ride has become one of my favourites of the JOGLE. The scenery amidst the Shropshire Hills is so beautiful with little Hamlets springing up here and there, not dis-similar to some places I've visited in New England USA. I thoroughly recommend this route if you're touring rather than in road race mode.

The Lanes finally took me alongside the Racecourse, back onto the main road for half a mile, then into Town.

The Bed and Breakfast was a bit too far away from the Centre to venture out for a meal, but opposite was a Co-Op and this did me well for another ready made salad and a few more extremely unhealthy snacks!

JOGLE - 600 miles landmark - Love Lane !
Being a teenager during the 60's, an appropriate place for 600 miles!

Cycling into Church Stratton
Just coming in to Church Stratton

Old derelict House along a Shropshire Lane
I's spend my life savings on this derelict building to do up. Doubt if they'd accept £7.50 though!

More disinterested onlookers


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