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JOGLE route - Wick to Helmsdale

Day Two of my end to end cycle ride

Helmsdale in Scotland on JOGLE route
The small Fishing Port at Helmsdale

Because it was my first full day, leaving Wick was quite exciting. It was to be a relatively short cycle ride so I knew I had time to take in the scenery and have a few breaks along the way for generally viewing the scenery and taking everything in.

The first couple of miles from Wick are uphill but not challenging. The road and general countryside is much the same as from John O'Groats to Wick with the odd Cottage and Croft settled between the rolling hills and spectacular sea views to the left.

It's when you 'recycling these long straight slight inclines and declines that you realise how much you actually are ascending and descending; one minute the sea appears quite a way below you, then a few minutes later it's right beside you!

About half way between the Towns though, you start to realise some subtle changes, higher Hills and Mountains become visible on the horizon and a lot more trees start appearing, none more so than when you reach Berriedale.

Suddenly the road plunges down a 13% decline with a druid bend half way (it's then you start assuming that your recent bike service was OK!!). No sooner are you at the bottom you see you have, exception of the druid bend, the same ascent the other side. I have to say that of the two, I was pleased I was going north to south.

After Berriedale you start seeing more a forest feel and the signs to make you aware of Deer crossing.

A long downhill stretch takes you in Helmsdale.

Helmsdale is a fairly small place but has a Supermarket, a few shops and some B&B's. I found it a fascinating place and spent most of the evening just roaming around the Beach and around the Village.

I stayed in the Helmsdale Hotel which was apparently built as an RAF Officers Mess during WW2

The steep hills at Barriemore in Scotland
Looking back toward the hill into Berriedale

Passing JOGLE cyclists near Wick
Two German Cyclists on their way back to Berlin!

cycling south toward Helmsdale in Scotland
The changing scenery just before Helmsdale

Heritage Centre Helmsdale (Percolated Coffee - 3 Cups = £1.80)

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