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A Supplement of Features and Articles to the Down the Lane Website

Welcome to the Down the Lane 'Extras'
Supplement features & Articles to the Down the Lane Website              

Welcome to Down the Lane Extras

Why do this ? Well,, Down the Lane just got too big for so many varied subjects, so I thought it best to split it half and keep the main site for the original theme. After all, it did seem odd that someone reading about Kent Cricket was on the same Website as Chicken Keeping, Downshifting and a few other things! Here are the Subjects..


Health and Wellbeing

Once again a variation of all sorts. There';s articles about fairly common things such as Immunity, Herbal benefits and general Health, but others written on a more personal scale which go from Stammering to Wearing Dentures.

Growing up in the 1950s and 1960s

Theses pages have become very popular since I wrote them in late 2008. It seems there's a lot of people who just like looking back, even Students doing a bit of research. These pages are written from personal experiences and mingled up with some plain and simple nostalgia.

Kent Cricket

Pages about what happens on a rainy day to guides for the Kent Home Grounds. This is a bit of an easy one for me really, because I've worked there for 8 years as Dressing Room Attendant to the Teams. This year, 2010, I hope to extend these even more, but rest assured, my job is a confidential one, so you won't get any gossip, just a few, maybe a lot, of laughs! Plenty of pictures!

WW1 Battlefields - Ypres

My son Leo and myself have spent many days around Ypres exploring the Battlefields and following in my Grandfathers footsteps who fought there. What this has led to is mountains of new knowledge for us both. Although our visits are often quite emotional, they are countered by the wonderful way the Belgium people have remembered and respect the past. This year we move on to the Somme to research my other Grandfather - so lots to come


At present a very small section but a section I hope will be built up with articles by Down the Lane Forum Members. This section features one of my hobbies, Dowsing

Ashford in Kent

My home town. I never go anywhere without my camera and built up quite a lot of photos around and about. It seemed silly not to use them, so here's 8 pages on the main parts

About 1953 - seems like only 56 years ago!

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