The joy of the Romahome R10 is that if you enjoy going away on your own, it has everything you need literally at your fingertips, or to put it bluntly, within arms reach!

The Romahome R10

The reason I brought it for myself is that 1. I always go anywhere alone and 2. It is of a size where I can use it for normal day to day use as well, with a height (with roof down) of 1.93 meters, it will go through just about any Car Park Gate with no problems.
Make sure you always check though.
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The Recipe..
Take Castaway, Big Brother, Survivors, I’m a Celebrity Get me out of here, The Island, mix them in a bowl.
Add some hanky panky, personality traits of persons mainly under the age of 35
and you get a TV Show !!

Eden Channel 4
Link to Channel 4 Catch up at bottom of Article

The concept of the Programme is great, 23 people left alone in a remote location and after a wee bit of starting help, left alone to fend for themselves for a year.
Why 23 I’m unsure of, most successful ‘gatherings’ are around the 11 or 12 mark, like most Sporting Teams, even the Disciples!
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BBC2’s Springwatch this year has received quite a few complaints which have spread to the National Press about showing young birds being taken from their nests before fledging.
Blue Tits have been taken by a Jay, Woodpeckers by a Stoat and one video clip showed a Sparrowhawk taking a Swallow.

Springwatch unfair criticism

Remarks we’ve had around Social Media and the Press have included ‘it shouldn’t be shown before the watershed’, ‘my child was most upset’,’I can’t watch it anymore’ all in all, complaints about showing nature in it’s natural environment.
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All our Hedgehogs should now be awake and if not already, found a Mate to do what Hedgehogs do !
Indeed, the one Hedgehog I had hibernating in my Garden over Winter emerged and within two weeks I noticed he or she had found a friend.

Having their babies can present some problems with their survival though and the following are a guide to ensure the new families have a good chance of getting through Summer, hibernating and extending their population next year..

Hedgehog eating meat cat food

Compost Heaps and Bonfires

These are favourite places for Hedgehogs to either spend a night or have their babies in.
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