Have you noticed how some blogs are slow to load in your browser?
This can put many people off and they will surf away before they’ve even looked at your page.

All too often it’s because of the pictures which are included on the page, not so much the size in dimension, but the file size.

For this reason, it’s always a good idea to optimize photos before loading onto your Blog or Website.
Most photo editing programmes have this facility and it can be achieved with very little loss of quality.
You can get a picture down from 800kb to 20kb or so with no problem (Picture on right is 5.7kb)
Take a look at your software programmes and look for the Optimzation Format. Of the ‘purchased’ variety, Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop have the facility (Photoshop being simpler with their ‘save for the web’ and 3 options of high, medium or low).

The free programmes like Infranview and Googles Picasa (with album facilities included) also have the option, Picasa having the save for blog option as well.

It is a common thing for Blog pages to be very long and if you are writing and posting pictures a lot without page breaks, the file size can get really overloaded.

You can search around for online Blog and Website loading time tests and some will analyse your pages for keyword content, meta tags and other things which will make it more ‘search engine friendly’ and also ‘visitor friendly’ as well.

Obviously, nowadays most people (about 80% apparently) have broadband connections, so very slow loading times are getting to be history. But until broadband is available to everyone, it’s always a good idea to base your site on the poor soles still troddling along on 56k!

Another things which may slow your loading times are
1. Too many colourful adverts. Therse not only have the colours to load, but also the link as well.
2. Too many links to other websites.
3. Your bandwidth allocation. Like your PC, the closer you get to the hard drive being full, the slower the PC runs. A larger hosting space will give faster times for everyone.

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