Hello,I’d like to start by thanking Mr. Cannon for allowing me to publish some comments on his website. Well, it’s a Blog actually and not to be confused with the main website as such which is in HTML and PHP as this Blog is.

My real name is actually John, but I changed this after so many people seemed to be calling me Dick. Often people I’ve never met before, like those calling me as they overtake me on my Push Bike with trailer whilst navigating the busy A28, seem to know me from somewhere.

I live in Ashford, Kent, not to be confused with Ashford Middlesex. This is easily done if you have never been here before and asking for a ticket from London.
Trains to Ashford Kent come from London Charing Cross, Cannon Street and Victoria whereas trains to Ashford Middlesex leave from London Waterloo, usually at 13 minutes past the hour except when necessary engineering works are taking place.

My wife’s name is Dorothy, but at present she is having an extended holiday in Cyprus. I saw her off from London Gatwick Airport South Terminal in August 1997.

My hobbies are very varied. I like watching any form of Sport and take my Autograph Books along with me should there be occasion to intervene at some point for a signature. You will often see me on the touchline at an Ashford Village League Division 4 game.

I occasionally go to a Criket match at Kent, but the last time this ended up with me in Canterbury Hospital having a bat handle surgically removed. It appeared that one of their leading batsmen slipped whilst approaching me from behind.

My favourite TV shows are ‘The Sky at Night’ and ‘Neighbours’. I only watch Neighbours because a friend of mine once visited Australia for 14 days and said I should go there to live.
I also collect Bus Timetables and Spectacle Cases (I now have a collection of over 400 in my Glass Cabinet which I brought from Courts the Furnishers in 1974).

On the musical side I always say you can’t beat a bit of good old Mike Sarne and Alma Cogan.

I hope, through my entries, you will get to know me more and enjoy hearing of the exciting life I lead. You’ll find out about my two pets Reginald the cat and my budgie, Doreen. They mean everything to me.


Editors note : Look for future articles under Category ‘The Brayne Journals’

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