One good thing about September is that the football season has started again and this gives me a chance to go round collecting some autographs I haven’t obtained yet.
Mainly concerned are the players in Ashford Village League Division 3

So I took my bicycle along to Stone Street to watch the game there and duly got my book signed by all four missing players at the end of the match.
I thought I heard one of them call me a Snob. Well it sounded like snob. If so, I am quite surprised because I have always had a great admiration for the hard working lower classes – and I told them that.

Maybe it was just an error in my hearing only I have had a problem lately and had to see the Doctor. He told me what he thought was wrong, but I didn’t hear what he said.
Therefore I have decided to take lip reading sessions at the local Adult Education Centre. I put my name down and apparently they phoned me last week but I didn’t answer.

I gave my bicycle trailer a servicing two weeks ago and it runs a lot better now. I have found I can now go to the Co-Op and back in only 37 minutes, gaining 2 minutes on my previous average time.
I am now drawing up plans to install a Cool Box in it.

I am very sorry to say that Doreen the Budgie escaped last Sunday. I looked everywhere but she obviously got out the open door and flew away.
So that made it quite a horrible day really. Reginald the cat was upset about too I think as he seemed to have bad stomach ache that very same evening.

I don’t know if I want another Budgie now, maybe a Gerbil would be good. Apparently gerbils suit me for some unknown reason. Some person quite mistakingly thought one was on my head the other day. I did laugh.

Maybe in October I shall have a few days away. I hear that Hythe is very nice and it’s conveniently only 13 miles from my house. I have contemplated staying at home every night and going to the beach during the day. It certainly makes financial sense I have to say.

Like Mr. Cannon, I enjoy this time of the year. It seems just yesterday though, that I was getting ready my long sleeved cardigans and Gabadene Jacket ready for the shorter days and cold nights.
Last year I purchased at a very reasonable price, a genuine Armani Beret from an extremely pleasant Sales Person in Ashford Market. A bargain at £1.99.
I regret it had a major flaw though, the batch had obviously got mixed up and following some heavy rain in October, the blue wore off to show a Union Jack with ‘Kiss me Quick’ on it.

Well, I must fly, not literally of course, but go back home to do some hoovering. Luckily my home is mainly floorboards and I only have a rug which is 6′ x 3′ to do.

Until the next time, please enjoy yourselves. Yours truly

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