Hello, Just got back from my holiday and rushed around to Mr.Cannon’s to write my Holiday report. I would have got around yesterday, but I found a Mouse had lodged itself in the Sink overflow and this entailed a careful maintenance operation to free it. Luckily I have the appropriate Wrench to free the joint and it only took four hours.

So, after weeks of wondering about where I would spend my holiday this year, I decided upon a Day Trip to Southampton. Mr. Cannon has often mentioned it to me, so I thought I’d give it a go.
Going by train (the 0728 from Ashford International) meant I arrived at 1038 leaving me at least six hours to explore this fascinating City.

After a quick walk around the main shopping centre, I decided upon a bus ride to Netley Abbey and found a pleasurable part of the Beach to sit on. There were quite a few people there, but it seemed they all had things to do that afternoon and had to leave. This was a shame as I had quite an interesting discussion with them about the species of Ducks in the Ponds behind.
It was also a pity that I couldn’t visit Mr.Cannon’s family who live there. Just my luck that the very day I get to going there, they had to rush off to Newcastle where a relation had suddenly got ill.

I treated myself to an Ice Cream. Gosh, there are a lot to choose from and it took me at least 6 minutes discussing each flavour with the Vendor and would you believe it, some people behind me in the queue actually knew my name. I could hear “Dick.Brayne” being mentioned the whole way back to the waters edge!

I had enquired about a quick return visit to the Isle of Wight, but after asking the necessary questions, they suggested I try the P&O Ocean Liner Offices. This was completely out of the question financially, so I had to give that idea a miss.

Returning to the City, I thought it would be rather special to buy some memorabilia item of my holiday and chose this month’s issue of ‘Practical Cycling’ magazine.
Being of frugal mind, I thought that every time I read it again over the next several years, it will remind me of happy times.

So, that’s just about it for now. I’m unsure when the next Article will be as I have extensive home improvements planned; the dustbin concrete base is being moved to the north side of the house, I have to completely re-paint my Larder after an accident with some home made ginger beer and plant some bushes up the side of the ten foot high wall the neighbours have just built. It’s a shame because I have to climb a ladder now to have a daily discussion with them.

Bye for now.


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