It’s that horrible time of year when winters damp and cold is hanging on between the odd few hours of sunshine to give us all a false sense of security.

Sunday comes, the Sun’s out, so people flock to the Garden Centres buying thier garden stuff only to go home and find the weather’s so dad for the next four weeks, they can’t do anything with the things they purchased anyway! Then, in four weeks time they find the price has reduced anyway.

But I digress once more. I was having a scout through all my video clips a few days back and through my late winter cold bug, I found solace looking at the summer sun in a few of them.
Thinking this would magic away the cold, I strung some together and did this video.
It was good at the time – but I’ve still got my cold!

‘For food without Cruelty’ See a short video on factory farming by CIWF (Compassion in World Farming) HERE

Down the Lane – 6,000 page views a day !!!!

If you only venture as far as this Blog and thinking of taking in a few of our feathered friends in your back garden, have a look at the Chicken Keeping pages on the main website.
Also browse through the very active Chicken sections of the Forum. There’s very useful advice and loads of experiences to red, mostly great, but some concerns which do crop up now and again.

They’re ideal ‘Pets’, but if you let them run free, say goodbye to your garden!

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  1. found your site today, very interesting.
    have had 11 hens for about 6 mths. still love getting up early to let them out, but the wife says i spend too much time down with the chickens. get at least 8 or 9 eggs a day, but have just changed their coup and seem not to be laying as well in scotland and have had so much rain this summer, not as enjoyable in the wet, not looking forward to the winter,but the hens have a nice warm dry coup, so they should be happy .

  2. very good indeed. i have had two chickens, 18 months old. They were hatched at my daughters school and she begged me to have them. We got the last two hen’s. I didn’t know anything about chick’s then. I can remember when we got our first little egg’s from them when they were 4/5 months old and we were so excited. we have been getting two egg’s a day ever since and double yolker’s in summer, except for the past 1/2 week’s we have just been getting one egg.

  3. Richard,
    you farm and gardens look like a paradise. I live in high plains desert in Arizona.
    THank you for your fourm and web page!
    It was so grafifying to read the battery chicken farmer gave his chickens free range from when you first went to his chicken farm. You must have brought good karma to him and plenty for him to think about to have made such a change in his efforts to raise healthy and happy chickens!

  4. Lovin your site!!!!Very useful.I got three hybrid hens yesterday one Warren (Dolly) one Sussex (Penny) and last and not least Bella the Black Rock.I woke up at half-six to let them out (very exciting)I checked the nest box expecting nothing to be there,BUT I found two eggs one in each section of the nest box.Goin very well apart from the sussex and the black rock are constently peckin poor old Bella.Is this a size issue or are they just settling in?

  5. Ewan again still very proud of my hens a week later.still getting up at 6.30 to open them up.12 eggs in 6 days only 2 hens laying the other is alot younger.Just checking has anyone else noticed the wonderful noise hens make when they lay an egg?its just wonderful if anyone has

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