Freezing Weather – Chaos

For the last eight days, Kent and other surrounding Counties have been experiencing some pretty harsh weather, culminating with freezing rain through the night of Tuesday. With a temperature of minus 8, this meant that by morning, the County was at a standstill. The Train Service was non-existant, complete chaos. The Operating Companies Website indicated […]

Ex-Pats struggling with Credit Crunch

A Devil’s Advocate Article The last couple of month’s has seen a dramatic slump in Sterling with some exchange rates going 20% against us. Although this may assist us in Exports and Tourism to this Country from abroad, it is affecting those wishing to travel or are living in other Countries very negatively. It was […]

Country goes Frugal crazy

. Since the announcement of ‘The Credit Crucnch’ it seems you can hardly pick up a Newspapers without some Supplement article starting with ‘Frugal ways….’, ‘Save mone……’, ‘Cut the cost of…..’. I certainly don’t have any argument with this, usually being frugal is strongly linked to more environmentally friendly ways of doing things and cuts […]

2009 – The Downshifting Year ?

. Since about the mid 80’s, the want of escaping the rat race and seeking a simpler or self reliant way of life, has been growing more and more popular. The current economic crisis will eventually catch up with many business’s and I have no doubt the downshifting trend will increase, even on a weekly […]