Shopping – Running the Gauntlet

Do you remember the days when a trip to the Town Centre Shops was a reasonaably nice experience? You’d walk around in your own time, do a bit of Window Shopping, sit on a Bench maybe and watch the world go by. Nowadays it seem’s that any Shopping trip ends up with you running the […]

Shop local – a frugal dilemma?

Shopping locally and being frugal The purpose, for me anyway, of shopping frugally is to buy the least expensive and cost effective item with the smallest amount of financial outlay. This brings about a dilemma. If you follow the above code, you are, if you’re not careful, assisting the demise of the Village, Corner and […]

The end of the High Street

. To reduce any fears the French may have had before the planned War against England, Napolean 1 said to his people “L’Angleterre est une nation de boutiquiers.” ‘England is a nation of Shopkeepers’. Maybe not altogether so, for centuries it certainly has been one of our strength’s. The Shops in Towns and Villages were […]