Springwatch 2016 – Unfair Criticism !

Springwatch unfair criticism

BBC2’s Springwatch this year has received quite a few complaints which have spread to the National Press about showing young birds being taken from their nests before fledging. Blue Tits have been taken by a Jay, Woodpeckers by a Stoat and one video clip showed a Sparrowhawk taking a Swallow. Remarks we’ve had around Social […]

Wildlife – A matter of Life and Death


  We, humans, may have all the technology and academia behind us, but one thing’s for certain; Wildlife can survive without us, we cannot survive without wildlife. Every living creature has a purpose whether it be to eat or be eaten, it’s like the song ‘I know an old Lady who swallowed a Fly’. Everything […]

Garden Cred

24/7 free Garden entertainment ! A very fine substitute for day time television is either looking out to the garden from a room indoors or sitting quietly in the garden itself. No matter where you look, you’ll find some creature or other showing us mere human’s what survival is really about, plus of course, the […]