The Curse of the Mobile Phone

First, I know I have one and I use it, albeit only if I really have to and I’m inclined to turn it off quite a lot. Also, I have a respect and understanding for those who really need them, especially women who are maybe travelling alone either by car or public transport.

Other than that, aren’t they just a bloomin nuisance. You can’t have a quiet doze on a train journey without listening to what Joanne is doing in the Office whilst her Boss is sitting opposite me giving her the Diary for the next 4 years.
Then there’s the Cinema and Theatre where you can bet your bottom dollar, someones forgotten to turn it off.

What did we do before they came out? I’m afraid to say I’m old enough to remember not even having a phone in the house and when we did, you had to go through the Operator! I also recall my first mobile phone on the Railway, it was about the size of a briefcase and you could only get a reception if you were within 100 metres of the person you were calling and only then if they were standing on the roof!

After all that we come to texting! Thank heavens I haven’t mastered the Art! I see these teenagers going through them like a typewriter at high speed.
Just as we thought the novelty would wear off, along comes the camera, the video conferencing, the emails – whatever next.
One thing which will stay in my mind forever – and it’s sad – is I was told by a Conductor Guard of a train that he had a passenger fall ill and needed help, his phone wouldn’t work. But sitting opposite the person was a man who had spent half an hour apparently annoying everyone with the conversation he was having with someone covering ‘what a wonderful person I am’.
They asked him if they could borrow the phone and he had said no. It was so serious, the Conductor grabbed it from him – it was a toy one.
Sad, but true. Technology has it’s place and you wouldn’t be reading this if it weren’t so. But mobile phones…..
Give us a break!