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Dentures - Finding the right Dentist

There are deals to had in Dentistry, so shop around

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The one thing I learnt (and it set me back by a month) was to start looking near to you first and not the other way round!
However, saying this, if I hadn't, I'd have probably paid more.

There are loads of options in Dentistry now and many people travel to places like Bulgaria or Roumania to have theirs done.
But, the British market place seems to be waking up to the fact that Private Dental Care has been vastly over-priced and they are losing trade to elsewhere.

Shop Around
Because of my downshifting lifestyle, I knew what I could afford for my treatment and initial searching put the price of around the £1200 mark.
I enquired about National Health, but couldn't get into a practice. Also, although I'd save money, I felt there were more options going private and seeing someone quickly is easier.

I found a place in Plymouth which would cost around the £700 mark and decided at first to go for it. But after poor communication by the Practice, I got worried about it. Not only would it involve overnight travel and / or Hotel bill's, but the after-care worry loomed up. What if I got all the way home and there was a problem etc.
Cancelling them has turned out to be the right thing.

What I believe we should remember is that Private Dentist's are like private companies. They have to give service, they have to look after you as, without customers, they won't be a successful business! So treat it like you're buying windows, put over what you want, when and how much you can afford.

So, I went to a Dentist in Ashford. I told him exactly and honestly what my financial situation was and I could, at a pinch, raise £800.
After a Scan and general inspection, he agreed that all my eleven teeth were beyond repair, they should come out and I'd have a full set of acrylic dentures fitted.

It was soon confirmed to me that going local was the right decision as, even before the actual fitting day, I saw him on three occasions; for first impression moulds, more moulds, then for choosing the colour.

I thought it crazy to go down the route of gleaming white nashers! I'm 59, very slim and not exactly the splitting image of Johnny Depp or Steven Segal!

It was also interesting that the Dentist told me that although people native of sunnier climes appear to have whiter teeth, they don't - it's the shading of the skin which makes them stand out more.
This would obviously have an affect on me during summer month's when I work a lot outdoors and tan very easily.

All this happened with two weeks of seeing the Dentist for the first time and I only had to wait another week for the 'BIG DAY'!

Look at the options. ie part or full dentures
(if you have a choice)

Get approximate cost's by contacting Dentist's
(Most will want to see you, but there's a consultation fee which is usually only refundable if you go ahead)

Find a Dentist who listens to your needs
understands where you are
Ask where the paying stops after treatment

The right Dentist at the right price is achieveable. Investigate all options because the main fitting day is the most important for future after-care.

The right Dentist at the right price is achieveable. Investigate all options because the main fitting day is the most important for future after-care.

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