Have we lost our connection with food?

Recipes, Cooking tips and maybe some 'Home Made' secrets !
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Have we lost our connection with food?

Post by fabindia »

It strikes me that we live in an age where many if most have lost their connection with food. I know expats here in Thailand who practically never cook, they either dine out or order in take a ways. As a result my guess would be they really have no idea what's in the food they eat.

In developed countries, meat come in clinically wrapped packages - the consumer will never have seen an abattoir or an animal being slaughtered for food. It would appear that many kids don't know where carrots come from or that cherries have stones inside of them.

I know many here are very conscious about the food they eat and the ingredients they use but I think we are the minority.
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Re: Have we lost our connection with food?

Post by kitla »

We were discussing this (amongst other things) with our 20-something sons & their girlfriends. Our post ww2 parents grew their own veg & knew how to store it, ate seasonally, made all meals from scratch, made their own bread/jam/icecream etc, reared chickens/ducks for eating & eggs, made clothes etc. Us, their children, grew up with that way of life so we still grow a bit of veg, cook mostly from scratch, make pasta & jam etc occasionally for fun, keep a few hens for eggs(mostly cos they're cute), mend clothes. We do it because we feel we should, we know how but its not vital, everything we want is easily available all year round. Our sons & gf's know how to cook a few things from scratch, like the idea of growing a bit of veg when they have a garden - probably in containers as thats all the space they'll have.
What will it be like when my 3yo grandaughter grows up?
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