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Re: Meet Hector

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Re: Meet Hector

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It's a week since we took Lollie to her new home and it has been an awful week, missing her dreadfully. I'm ok if I keep myself busy but when I sit and think about her, I cry every time!

However, my little man Hector is thriving. He doesn't seem to have noticed but he is loving having all of our attention. He is playing more and being very affectionate. Before he would get beaten up by Lollie all the time so didn't really get to act like a puppy - he is making up for lost time! Thanks goodness for Hector - he has made things much easier than it would have been had Lollie been an only dog.

No girls at the moment but look forward to getting more in the future. Proud mummy to Hector, a Bedlington Terrier x Jack Russell
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