A dental rant

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A dental rant

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I had my dental check up today. A few weeks since, I badly broke an eye tooth, and informed the surgery about my current situation (chemo), and the broken tooth, which I hoped would be sorted at the appointment. Getting through to the surgery is a long drawn out procedure in itself.

My usual dentist was off sick, and the replacement took a great deal of time to go through the detailed form provided by the clerk. To my anger, she said that she could not treat my tooth, not enough time, etc.

I would have to either go to the hospital, or wait for an appointment at the surgery.

After an abortive attempt at one x-ray - I was almost gagging, she x-rayed the broken tooth.

I had one last attempt to persuade the dentist to put a temporary dressing in my tooth, and to my amazement she agreed. )like( So in went the dressing, and I return in a month to have a filling, if the chemo department will agree to my having an injection.

I was surprised at how little this lady had listened to my answers to her questions though, not impressed, and to crown it all, she has to do the follow up treatment, it is not practice now for another dentist to take on treatment, despite the fact that I was not booked to see her. yike* yike*
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