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Invictus Games

PostPosted: 02 Jul 2014, 00:05
by manda
This is kind of a follow on from SB's post about Armed Forces Day.....I don't know if you know but in September there is going to be over 400 competitors from 14 nations will take part in the Invictus Games at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
It's an international sporting event for wounded, injured and sick service men and women. Teams will come from the armed forces of nations and they will have all served or are still serving their country in the Armed Forces .

They will do all sorts of sports: wheelchair rugby and basketball, track and field, siting volleyball, power lifting, indoor rowing, road cycling and (my particular favourite) archery.

The archery is how I know about the Invictus games as we have 2 or the NZ team being trained by our archery club.....4 weeks ago they'd never picked up a bow and they are doing great !!

I think GB and the USA have around 100 in their teams ...NZ have 12 ...hey it's only a little country )grin2(

If you get a chance to go I think it would be a fabulous event ....

Re: Invictus Games

PostPosted: 02 Jul 2014, 10:30
by albertajune
Thanks for the link Manda. I do know something of the games but there hasn't been much publicity about them here. Are they the games that Prince Harry is involved with?

I think it wonderful that the men and women involved have something that they can strive to achieve sportswise, so different to a few years ago when some of those who had been wounded and disabled, felt that they had nothing to look forward to except sitting in that wheelchair or similar. Coming to terms with something that changes your life, is something in itself to be proud of.

I will now go and have a good look at the link and pass it on.

Re: Invictus Games

PostPosted: 03 Jul 2014, 09:21
by manda
Yes June they are the games that Prince Harry is involved with ....absolutely marvellous opportunity for people to show that despite some traumatic injuries life goes on....they are awesome people !

I think the whole media thing is starting to amp up now...I suppose they didn't want to start too soon or people would get saturated with it and then lose's hoping the UK gets a great turn out to support them :-D