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Daft party games.

PostPosted: 04 May 2016, 09:37
by Mo
A facebook post of Richard's started me thinking of the daft party games we used to play.
The ones where you dashed wildly round the house looking on lists to find your starter and write down what you had to find next (Stations, House Hunting, Pairs).

Ring on a string (the one in the middle of the circle had to find it as everyone passed, or pretended to pass it)

The ones where you sat in a circle and had to do say / something : -
"The moon is round, it has two eyes, a nose and a mouth. Can you do this?". and the person next to you passes you the rod that they've 'drawn' the moon with. But the thing you have to do isn't anything to do with drawing the moon - it's what they do when they say "can you do this". As it goes round the ring people gradually 'get' it, and the actions of those in the know become more exaggerated.
Cut the cake or flour without letting the coin fall (the one who cuts the slice that makes it fall has to get it with their teeth.
Shave a balloon (and hope you, or someone with a pin, doesn't burst it when it is covered with lather)
Balance match sticks on a milk bottle in turn - any that fall are added to yours. try to get all yours on. Do you make a solid pile so that it's safe when it comes round to you again, or make it teeter hoping it will fall for someone else?
Throw a dice in turn, if it's a 6 dress in various things and cut & eat a bar of chocolate with a knife & fork - if there is time before someone else throws a 6

Mind reading where someone goes outside, those inside choose an object, or hide a card under a saucer. When they come back their accomplice says something that tells them - asks is ---, is it ---, but says something made of glass immediately before the right object. Or a sentence starting with a vowel to show which of the 5 saucers.

Ones where most go outside then come in one by one to be victim of some trick. Follow the moon - a sheet with torch behind it. You have to follow the moon with your nose. But when it reaches the top of the sheet you get a wet sponge in your face. Then you watch other victims.
Queen of Sheba - you come in and are told to bow to the king and queen then sit between them. But the throne is made of 2 chairs draped to hide the gap, and as you sit they stand.

Goodness me, we made our own fun in those days.

But the one that started all this I played only once and can't remember how it went.
You sat in a ring, the first player held up an object and said "this is a (whatever)", second asked "a what" first repeated "a ***". Then what??? I've no idea. Has anyone else played it.

Re: Daft party games.

PostPosted: 04 May 2016, 20:34
by fabindia
Ha ha.Played some of them.

We love party games. Here's one of them we played at the weekend. It's a team game, we played with 10 people divided into two teams. Each person is given 5 slips of paper and writes a random word on each. For example, cow, happy, sky, etc.

The bits of paper re folded in half and put in a pot or hat. Each player, then takes it in turn to draw the slips of paper from the pot. Round one, they have to describe the word without actually saying it while the others on their team try to guess it. When it has been guessed the player draws another from the pot and so on until 45 seconds are up. Any guessed words are put aside in another container (until the next round) and any passed words (each player can pass twice per go) are returned to the original pot. Then the other team has a go. When all the words are used up, all the slips are returned to the original pot and round two starts. Again each player takes a turn, possibly starting with the last player from round one if they have some of their 45 seconds left. This time they can only say one word. This sounds hard but remember you have heard all the words in round one. So in round one to describe sky, you might say its blue, it's above us, it's got clouds. In round two you would just say blue. Play continues as before. Round three, no words at all you have to act it out. So for sky you might just point upwards.

The general idea is to be as quick as you can and get on to the next word. By the way at the end of each player's turn you count up how many words they got and someone keeps score.

Like many of Mo's games this isn't a quiet game but that's the fun of them.

Mo's Queen of Sheba game reminds of something similar we used to play flying airplanes. The victim(s) usually those who have not played before go out the room. You then have a plank of wood, a large book and two strong guys. The victim is then brought in blind folded, guided to stand on the plank of wood and told they are going on a flight (standing up!). The two guys then gently lift the plank about 6 inches of the ground and gently pretend they are flying the victim. They make up a story about going higher, at which point a third person holds the book above the victims head and the two guys raise the plank just a little further so the victim's head touches the book (they are told to keep their hands by their side) and told they have now hit the ceiling. Now someone shouts "emergency, crashing", at which point the two guys tip the plank sideways causing the victim to fall off. In fact, the victim ends up screaming thinking they are fall of from at least a couple of feet but in reality they end up just stepping off.

Re: Daft party games.

PostPosted: 05 May 2016, 10:46
by Mo
Yes, I think I remember that one too. I was sat on a chair not stood on a plank. Not sure I understood it at the time.