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Mtb xc

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2017, 14:04
by bikesandbirdsbob
Came 42 out 44 starters (50 signed up and paid. )
So two races both 42nd .
The race is on (to get fit and lose weight.
Next race Nationals in Wales 02/04/2017.

Re: Mtb xc

PostPosted: 30 May 2017, 19:59
by Trev62
Just being nosey Bob but how is the Mtb xc going?

Re: Mtb xc

PostPosted: 06 Jun 2017, 06:58
by bikesandbirdsbob
Well , if you look on the British cycling web site , Super vets Nat riders ranking , I am on it .
Slipping down -10th .
Should be riding at Dalby Forest Sunday am . Thinking I will be working so probably miss it.
MSG in Suffolk following week.
Tonight due to ride at Rochford . Tomorrow at Redbridge .
Love it and do not bounce as well as I used too . Though I seem to be getting more practise.
Ride a Secialised Camber Comp. 2011 . 26 inche wwheel large frame . Up grade front Suspension to Gold (was a silver ) .
Have in my stable BMX , Downhill (Big Hit ) Tourer , Race bike and a actual race bike (one I use for rioad races .
Dirt bikes P3 , Wood coloured one as well .
Maany wrecks in the making .
Now I want to get a 650 B Carbon frame but cannot get SHMBO to let me have the 6,000pounds to by it . To be honest it may even have a go faster stripe , but not likely to make me go faster at all . Just got a Garmin sat for the handle bars as the cheap ones fall off and break.
Love it and look forward to meeting the other old guys that are old enough to know better .
Youngsters from the next lower level are coming up and giving us all a run for our money .