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home for patsy and paloma

PostPosted: 19 Mar 2013, 13:30
by jasperpop
hi folks,
i need to find a new home for my two exbats, patsy and paloma. i had 3, madge, but she was put to sleep at vets after breathing difficulties which was distressing for her and me, and costly.
i have had them since last july, and although it all started off well with the large run and they were able to free range in garden all summer, its taken a very big toll on my garden. i had read and was told the garden would take a pounding, i didnt quite realise that it really meant you will have little greenery left.

all probably my fault as i didnt corral them in, after all i wanted them to be able to have space to do what comes naturally, but the amount of poo and mud everywhere is not nice.
i clean their run everyweek and the cost of straw, bedding and feed. along with grit, and treats has had a detrimental effect on my income.
the eggs are wonderful, and ive loved everyone ive eaten. also given away to friends which they also say are lovely.
but its all come at a cost that im no longer able to cope with. so i will rehome the girls where they can enjoy themselves and be happy.
i wish it was a happier ending but ive tried it, and now no its not for me.
so anyone in essex near leigh on sea, wanting a couple of girls, please let me know.
thanks to everyone on here for your help.

Re: home for patsy and paloma

PostPosted: 24 Mar 2013, 10:05
by casiraghi
If you really need to rehome them you can speak to the group that you got them from as they will usually look to help rehome them if you can't find anyone to take them. You'll usually find that when you took the girls the paperwork you signed allows for this.