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Please can you help rehome my girls?

PostPosted: 03 Sep 2015, 08:19
by Catherine2643
Unfortunately due to having to relocate with work from Yorkshire (Sheffield) to Cornwall we are reluctantly having to find a new home for our 8 girls. We have given this so much thought over the last few weeks and we feel it would be too difficult (for them and for us) to try and bring them with us. We realise that this is a big ask for anyone to take them all on together, as much as we would like them to stay together, so we are happy to split them up providing the 2 Marans could stay together.

Our 8 girls are all different breeds: a Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, Blue Ranger, 2 Marans, Pied Sussex, what we think is a Silkie cross(?), and a gorgeous Lavender Araucuna (who lays blue eggs). The girls are approximately 2 years old.

If anyone could help us out we would be so grateful; we really want them to go to a loving home.

Many thanks


Re: Please can you help rehome my girls?

PostPosted: 03 Sep 2015, 17:00
by Richard
Hi Catherine

Things are a little quiet on Forum at present and unsure about Members being in your vicinity.

You could try posting on the Down the Lane facebook Group, quite a few there from that neck of the woods.

You'll need to register and await approval (no more than a couple of hours max, sometimes instantly if there's an Admin around)

The link is...

I'm sure you'll miss them, maybe get some more in your new location. Hope so.

Many thanks, Richard

Re: Please can you help rehome my girls?

PostPosted: 04 Oct 2015, 18:44
by douglaswilliam
Hello Catherine,
I have created a coop and run which I am now at the point of finding 4 hens to live in it. I can send you pictures of it. I have created a fox proof coop (an old shed modified) and a fenced run for the day. When we are in they can have free roam of our fenced garden. I live in Manchester and would love to give 4 of your hens a loving home. I have grown up with chickens and my mum currently keeps them. I have everything ready to go. If you want me to give 4 a new home I can send you the pictures that I have taken of the coop, run and garden. I live in South Manchester but my family live in Marsden, Huddersfield so can come to you and collect. I have some banana boxes waiting. My email is Email me and I will send you some pick. Kind regards, John