Nantwich rehoming

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Nantwich rehoming

Post by Mo »

In the local paper.
If you’re interested in adopting any of the hens heading to Nantwich on Saturday, July 10, visit the BHWT website or call 01884 860084.
Register by July 8th.

The article in the paper makes it all sound far too easy - why not have a few hens, they make good pets and give you eggs. Nothing about the responsibility you are taking on or the preparation needed. Register by Thursday, collect the hens on Saturday.
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Re: Nantwich rehoming

Post by sandy »

Mo when they do phone the number or contact the website they will be "grilled" about all aspects of hen keeping if they have not previously registered with the charity. The farmers surprise us with off loading all their sheds at the last hour and who wants to leave anyhen behind to face death. So everything is done to try and rehome them all.
At our last rehome saturday week ago we had 72 spare, luckily we had rehomers who took 4 instead of 5 or 13 instead of 12 etc. Our team also took extras home, I managed to end up with 9!
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