My chickens have helped me .

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My chickens have helped me .

Post by jackian »

Nearly 4 weeks ago my beloved husband Ian died very suddenly. After 40 years it has been the saddest time of my life.
2 days before he died he treated me to two columbine black tails to go with our little flock of 4 he said that the two old girls had slowed down on their laying and he wanted 2 more before the long days came. He named one of them Ruby ( for our Ruby wedding in March ) and I named the other one April . ( I have since changed Aprils name to Chelsea after his fave football team )
After he had passed away I felt I could not cope with 6 chickens and nearly rehomed the new girls but I am so glad I didnt .. All my lovely girls have given me something to focus on , I had to keep their routine going . Nothing better than clearing up chicken poo to concentrate the mind.
the new girls were seperated from the old girls but although I had introduced chickens before my confidence had gone. Thanks to my very good friend Carol who I met through DTL they are now getting on really well with the old girls and are mixed most of the time except at bed time . ( I know it's the wrong way round) Carol has been there to support me in all this and been to my house to help them FR for the first time. That went far better than we expected.
Now nearly 4 weeks later my girls have saved me in so many ways. Their lovely ways , individual characters, comical comings and goings and of course the eggs. .. They have given me a reason to start a new chapter in my life.
4 lovely girls~~ Clover, the oldie and top chick Bonnie second in command .new girls Bluebell and Blossom.
2 lovely new girls 19-01-2015~~ Chelsea and Ruby.
Eva , Florry , Poppy ,Annie and Rosie R.I.P
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by p.penn »

Oh my goodness Jackian - I am so dreadfully sorry to hear about your husband, what a terrible shock for you {hug} {hug&kiss}

I am really pleased you have found your hens therapeutic, and that you have felt able to keep them. Lovely that Carol has been there for ypu too.

Take care xx
Helen xx

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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by amber66 »

Oh Jackian, i am so sorry for the loss of your husband, but glad to hear you have a good friend nearby and are enjoying the company of your girls still.
Sending you many {hug} {hug}
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by ChickenCarol »

As you know Jackie, you can call on me any time.
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by wendy »

Oh my darling I am so dreadfully sorry.
I know exactly what you are going through, as we had been married 40 years as well.
I am very pleased you have the chickens to concentrate on and keep you busy. You will get lots of platitudes from people trying to be kind, because there are no words.
I know we don't know each other. But if you want to bend an ear with someone who has been through this I am here.
{hug} {hug} {hug}

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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by KarenE »

Oh Jackian I am so sorry to hear that. Nothing we can say can really help but know we're there to listen if you need us to. And I'm so pleased you have your girls and Carole to help you along this new path too. {hug}
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by jemberelli »

So very sorry to hear your news Jackie. Sending {hug} {hug}
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by chookmike »

As Wendy says, words will never be adequate to express or describe your sadness and loss. They are all that we distant people have though. We add ours and hope you can find your way through your grief. Your hens will help as you say and Chelsea will always be a very special hen.

Mike & Rebecca
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by perchy »

Aww Jackie, I too am so sorry to hear of your sad loss, no words either that will help you except sending you a {hug}
How lovely that your husband added to your flock, and they will always be so special, and I am glad that they are helping through a terribly sad time, they certainly do have personalities and really don't ask for much do they, they certainly enjoy being loved and I am sure you have plenty of that for them {hug}
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by Richard »

I am so sorry to hear of your sad news Jackian.

There is no accounting for losing a loved one so suddenly.

Sending all thoughts for the days ahead.

Take care and rest assured, we are here to chat and give you a virtual hug.

Richard xx {hug} {hug}
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by KathJ »

I'm so sorry for your sad news Jackie that I'd read about on Carol's blog and I know she's been helping you through this dreadfully difficult time. I'm glad your girls have been a conform to you too {hug}
Kath xx

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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by urbanchicks »

Take Care {hug}

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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by Mad Chick »

Oh Jackie, so so sorry to hear about the awful loss of your dear husband.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Sending a million hugs {hug} {hug}
Lucy x

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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by manda »

{hug} {hug&kiss} {hug} {hug&kiss} {hug} {hug&kiss}
I can only echo what's been said already Jackian...nothing is going to make up for the loss of Ian but I'm so glad you've got support.
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Re: My chickens have helped me .

Post by lancashire lass »

so sorry for your loss {hug} I'm so glad your chickens and friends were there to help you through it
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